Sneak Peek Sunday – The Wedding Night

Happy Sneak Peek Sunday! This week’s excerpt peeks in on the first night of connubial bliss between Cal Delaney and Rachel Girard, the bounty hunter hero and cattle princess heroine from Broken Vows, a marriage of convenience tale set in 1878 Fort Worth.

Cal has obvious reasons for taking Rachel up on her unusual marriage proposal—act as her husband for six months in exchange for $20,000. Their contract is simple, a marriage in name only, but the devil is in the details.

The wedding is done and the wedding night looms. Rachel is mortified to learn that her new husband sleeps in the buff…


Rachel’s gaze traveled down over firm pectoral muscles and a flat belly to a point where sun-tanned skin met the waistband of his trousers. All man, she thought, her throat suddenly going drier than a desert gulch, every God-blessed inch of him…

Before her gaze could drop any lower, she looked up guiltily to meet his amused expression. It wasn’t just his physique, she decided, it was everything, everything about Cal Delaney that disturbed her. His eyes, his mouth, his stance, his attitude. Especially this last, his attitude, which she could read clearly in those unsettling blue eyes. As if he knew every scandalous thought that tripped through her brain, as if he could—contract or no contract—claim his husbandly rights at this very moment if he so pleased, and…

One callused hand dropped to the buttons on his trousers, and Rachel raised her chin a notch. She refused to look away. She dared him to go further. She’d been around animals all her life, dogs, horses, cattle. Men were no different. It was never a good idea to show fear.

One button, two…

Son of a–

“Fine!” She felt her face heat as she crossed the room to a linen chest to yank out two folded blankets and a pillow. Whirling around, she threw the whole pile at him. He caught the blankets but missed the pillow. “You’ll be sleeping on the floor, Mr. Delaney!”


Ah, darn. Better luck next week, Cal. 😉

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