A Touch of Camelot

Winner of the Golden Heart Award
Book One in the Camelot Series

Previously published in mass market paperback.

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Kansas, Virginia City, San Francisco, 1879

Guinevere Pierce was raised at the knee of one of the slickest con artists in the West, but can she con her way out of this one?

When Gwin and her kid brother Arthur become witnesses to murder and then targets themselves, there’s no time for games. There’s only time to run.

Cole Shepherd is a new Pinkerton detective. His first assignment? To escort the beautiful and deceptive Gwin Pierce and her brother across country to testify.

When Gwin sets eyes on her Pinkerton escort, she’s stunned. Cole’s is the face that has haunted her romantic dreams since she was a girl. He’s her Sir Lancelot, but now he’s her captor. And he’s leading them toward a trap that Gwin must convince him could cost them their lives.

From the Kansas prairie to the sparkling hills of San Francisco, theirs is an attraction they can’t resist. Maybe some dreams do come true.

And the reviews are in!

“As a western rom com, “A Touch of Camelot” hit the spot for me…” May, 2015… Jayne S., Dear Author (Read the full review here.)

From the original reviews of A Touch of Camelot

“An American fairy tale of the Wild West with a questing knight, a damsel in distress, and a lesson in trust for lovers everywhere.” Affaire de Coeur

“Fresh and utterly delightful. The hero and heroine are lovably human. Gwin is a perfect mix of innocence and ingenuity. Cole is strong but vulnerable when it counts. The humor and tender emotion weaving the characters and the story together will touch readers’ hearts.”  Karen Rose Smith, award-winning bestselling author

“A very funny story with a masterful cast. Highly recommended.” Manderley, a catalog for Romance Readers

“…sprightly characters and an upbeat love story with just the right touch of humor . . . delightful.”  Romantic Times

Product Description
Genre:                              Historical Romance/Adventure/Humor – American West
Length:                             84,000 words
Sensuality:                       Sensual. Contains love scenes.
Version:                           2012 – Revised and re-edited ebook edition
Previously published:    A Touch of Camelot by Donna Grove, Harper Paperbacks

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