Historical Romance for the Light of Heart

Darn it. I’m still a sucker for a happy ending.

When Dorothy taps her heels three times and wakes up in Kansas, we know she is home. When Jack and Rose clasp hands at the top of the golden staircase, we know they will be together for eternity. And when George realizes that no man is poor who has friends, he is indeed the richest man in town.

Writing books ain’t just about writing books anymore. It’s also about promotion, branding, blogging, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, tweeting, pinning and linking in.

And taglines.


The thing about creating a tagline is that, first,the best ones are taken. (This is nothing new. I’m always late to the party.) Second, it’s the first step to creating your “brand.” (Like figuring out if you’re Coke or Pepsi.) It forces you to think about the stories you write and what it is about them–all of them–that will make a reader want to return to you time and again.

And then say it in about five words.

Hmm. I have a problem.

I write romance, sweet and sexy, mystery, adventure, fantasy, humor, drama, and . . . (See? I’m already over word count.)

But there are a few things I can guarantee.


Whether it’s the prime focus of the story or a driving subplot, it will be there. Always. I can’t help it. Strong heroes and plucky heroines who get in their way run rampant through my imagination.


Strong heroes and plucky heroines who get in their way run rampant through my . . . You get it.


Had a bad day? Forget about it. Come travel back in time with me to the Old West, 1890s Britain, Post Civil War Pennsylvania, or 1920s New York . . .


It is my hope that every one of my stories will in some way lighten your heart. 

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