Sneak Peek Sunday – The Wedding Night

Happy Sneak Peek Sunday! This week’s excerpt peeks in on the first night of connubial bliss between Cal Delaney and Rachel Girard, the bounty hunter hero and cattle princess heroine from Broken Vows, a marriage of convenience tale set in 1878 Fort Worth.

Cal has obvious reasons for taking Rachel up on her unusual marriage proposal—act as her husband for six months in exchange for $20,000. Their contract is simple, a marriage in name only, but the devil is in the details.

The wedding is done and the wedding night looms. Rachel is mortified to learn that her new husband sleeps in the buff…


Rachel’s gaze traveled down over firm pectoral muscles and a flat belly to a point where sun-tanned skin met the waistband of his trousers. All man, she thought, her throat suddenly going drier than a desert gulch, every God-blessed inch of him…

Before her gaze could drop any lower, she looked up guiltily to meet his amused expression. It wasn’t just his physique, she decided, it was everything, everything about Cal Delaney that disturbed her. His eyes, his mouth, his stance, his attitude. Especially this last, his attitude, which she could read clearly in those unsettling blue eyes. As if he knew every scandalous thought that tripped through her brain, as if he could—contract or no contract—claim his husbandly rights at this very moment if he so pleased, and…

One callused hand dropped to the buttons on his trousers, and Rachel raised her chin a notch. She refused to look away. She dared him to go further. She’d been around animals all her life, dogs, horses, cattle. Men were no different. It was never a good idea to show fear.

One button, two…

Son of a–

“Fine!” She felt her face heat as she crossed the room to a linen chest to yank out two folded blankets and a pillow. Whirling around, she threw the whole pile at him. He caught the blankets but missed the pillow. “You’ll be sleeping on the floor, Mr. Delaney!”


Ah, darn. Better luck next week, Cal. 😉

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Broken Vows is available now at AMAZON.

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Sneak Peek Sunday – The Proposal

Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday where the rules are simple. Post a six paragraph excerpt.Sneak Peek Sunday

Last week, we met the hero and heroine from Broken Vows, a Western historical romance set in 1878 Fort Worth, Texas.  This week’s installment? The Proposal.

Cal Delaney is an ex-bounty hunter who’s hung up his guns. All he wants now is to earn enough stake money to buy land of his own and live in peace. Rachel Girard has received an ultimatum from her father. Find a husband, fast, or risk losing her birthright, the sprawling Elena Rose cattle ranch Rachel loves more than life itself.

Rachel will obey, but on her own terms…


“My father is setting his affairs in order and has insisted that I marry. Otherwise, he’s threatened to leave the Elena Rose to my cousin.” There. It was out. Rachel fought an urge to squeeze her eyes shut and pray. Or run.

There was a hesitation. Two. Very slow. Beats. “Are you saying… you’re looking for a… husband?”


Again, silence, and then, without warning, Cal Delaney began to laugh—uproariously. Too uproariously, and Rachel felt her ire rise. So, he was taking her proposal as some sort of joke, was he? Well, she would throw in the bait and see just how funny he thought it was.

She had to raise her voice to be sure he could hear her over all that guffawing. “I’m talking about a business arrangement, Mr. Delaney! A six-month business arrangement, after which time I would expect the man in question to disappear in exchange for the sum of twenty thousand dollars.”

It worked. He stopped laughing.


Next week . . . the wedding night.

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Sneak Peek Sunday!

I’m happy to be back for Sara Walter Ellwood’s Sneak Peek Sunday where the rules are simple. Post a six paragraph excerpt. Last week, we met Cal Delaney, the bounty hunter hero from Broken Vows, a marriage of convenience Western romance set in 1878 Fort Worth, Texas.

This week, Cal meets his match, Rachel Girard.

Rachel is a strong-willed young lady who has received an ultimatum from her equally strong-willed father. Find a husband, fast, or risk losing her birthright, the sprawling Elena Rose cattle ranch she loves more than life itself.


All at once, a hush fell over the saloon. Heads turned and men gaped at an attractive, obviously respectable young woman as she stepped inside the bar room. When Big Bart’s fingers stilled on the piano keys, the room fell dead silent.

She stood like a princess, tall, aloof, and unsmiling. Even from where he sat, Cal could see the ethereal color of her eyes as her pale green gaze swept the room. For a jarring moment, those eyes connected with his, and something like recognition flickered between them. But that was impossible. Cal had never met her before. He would have remembered her.

She blinked, then abruptly looked away, and that slip was the only sign of self-doubt he could detect. He read in those eyes that she was young, not in her teens, but young; much younger than her assured manner indicated. What was a girl like that doing in a place like this?

A huge Mexican entered behind her. Beneath his ragged cowpuncher’s garb, Cal figured he packed about 230 pounds of pure muscle. The Mexican glared at the crowd and most of the men wisely returned to their former distractions. The murmur of conversation resumed, and Big Bart started tapping out the first notes of “Yellow Rose of Texas.”

Ezra’s voice intruded on Cal’s thoughts. “You want to put your eyes back in your head? Are you going to call or throw in?”

Cal ignored the question. “Who is she?”


Next week . . . the Proposal.  Sneak Peek Sunday

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Broken Vows is available now at AMAZON.