October News & Stuff … Thelma and Louise go to Jersey

Autumn in PA
Autumn in PA

Autumn is in full bloom, and it’s been a busy month–although you wouldn’t know it by the dearth of activity on this page. And so what have I been up to?

The first week of the month started off with an email from my editor that included the line edits for the first book in my new 1920s romantic mystery series from Carina Press. (Title to be announced in an upcoming post!)

Do you want to know what it’s like going through the editing process on a manuscript for the first time in (I-ain’t-gonna-say-how-many) years?

Challenging, fun, and gratifying. Then again, I’ve always enjoyed tinkering more than writing, and I love “having written” better than both.

Writing is a solitary pursuit but every so often we put on our grown-up clothes, jump into our cars and (a laThelma and Louise) motor off—no, no, not a cliff!—down the scenic Pennsylvania turnpike to be with others of Our Own Kind.

Last week, writing buddy Heather Heyford and I did just that. I wore the big sunglasses and she rode shotgun (without the ammo). We met up with seven others from our RWA group (including roomie, Ava Quinn) as well as a whole passel of  other romance writers, agents, and editors who gathered in New Jersey for workshops, networking, pitching, lunching, cocktails, book signings and just plain fun.

The weekend flew by and, too soon, we were motoring back to Pennsylvania with fond memories and bags full of conference swag to resume our mild-mannered lives.

And so what were you up to in October?

Coming soon in November …  “Guess That Title” and … Ava Quinn passes Delynn Royer the coveted Sunshine Award 🙂