Holiday Procrastination

My Holiday To-Do List


From left to right – Snoozing Lucy Cat, Tardy Christmas Tree, Lexi the Dog

It’s useless to deny it any longer. The holiday season has begun.

The final two months of the year are crazy-busy at my day job, which means I’m stressed and cranky. Every holiday season for the past 15 years of so, my coping mechanism has been to live in a state of denial that the holidays are looming until at least the weekend following Thanksgiving. (That’s when I’ve always put up our Christmas tree.)

This year, the denial must have run deeper than usual because the weekend after Thanksgiving… I forgot to put up our tree. (Say, what?) Yes. For. Got.

I think the election and my resolution to become better informed (i.e. catatonia followed by voracious political reading) may have had something to do with my distraction.

Regardless of the reason for this serious setback, the result is the same. I’m alarmingly behind on my annual holiday procrastination to-do list.

Below is a peek at this week’s list…

  1. Photography by Ryan McGuire – Gratisography

    Go to work. (No crying.) (Okay, no audible crying.) Do this: Daily.

  2. Pick up mini-pancakes and syrup to make smile faces out of same in order to cheer self up at breakfast.
  3. Fall prey to Facebook click bait. Do this: Minimum two hours/daily.
  4. Amazon-surf for awe-inspiring gift ideas. Find many (for me). Do this: Minimum two hours/daily.
  5. Organize plastic containers and lids in cabinet under sink.
  6. Furminate cat. Do this: Daily.
  7. 1_Temp Correct - Copy

    Furminate me.

    Research parallel universe theories. (Where do missing Ziploc® lids go after only three uses? What about missing socks? Keys? Earrings?)

  8. Rewatch The Princess Bride

And those are just the high priority items.

Normally, by this time—in a non-screwed-up election year—I would have had all those things done and I’d be over halfway through not sending out my Christmas cards.

Any other holiday procrastinators out there? Please share. Not only will it waste some precious time that you could otherwise be spending productively, it helps me to know I’m not alone.

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Coming later this week… Good Night, Angela Cover Reveal!

Until then… make your lists and have a great week!


 Photo Credits:

Tardy Christmas Tree and Pets – Delynn Royer

Lucy the Cat – Delynn Royer

Pancake Smiley Plate – By Ryan McGuire, Bells Design, from Gratisography

 It Had to Be You – Cover Art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited or its affiliated companies, used under license.


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  1. You’ll hate me, but this year I’m not behind. I just need to wrap the gifts I ordered. Address Christmas cards. Stamps bought two weeks ago. Unless I’m forgetting something, I think I’m pretty caught up.

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