Who are those gorgeous peeps on the cover?

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Goodbye, Tootsie. Putting it together: Part Three

Last week, I talked about my almost fruitless mission to find the right leading man to grace the cover of the second book in my 1920s romantic mystery series, Goodbye, Tootsie.

From one end of the internet to the other I searched—one romance stock photo site to the next. That’s right, ladies. One drop-dead gorgeous male model after another after another.  It was grueling. (And yes, I have wonderful friends willing to help, but some jobs just can’t be delegated.)

My search for leading man Detective Sean Costigan finally ended at RomanceNovelCovers.com (RNC), where I signed up for two Exclusive Cover Image shots of well known cover model Jimmy Thomas—one for Goodbye, Tootsie and another for the last book now in progress—Good Night, Angela.

Working with site owner Jimmy Thomas turned out to be a pleasure and very similar to working with a cover artist. I answered an emailed questionnaire about my characters—their physical descriptions as well as personalities. The questionnaire also asked about the book’s genre, setting, tone and any ideas I had for poses, costumes or props. I included sample images to illustrate my ideas.

Mr. Thomas came back with a few questions based on the ideas I’d offered—such as, “Should the models be looking at each other? Should one be looking at the camera?”  “If so, which one?” These may seem like ABCs to a model or photographer, but I’d never thought about these details, much less the impact they could have.

RomanceNovelCovers.com (RNC) Custom Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes - Jimmy Thomas & Inessa - DL Royer

RomanceNovelCovers.com (RNC) Custom Photo Shoot – Behind The Scenes – Jimmy Thomas & Inessa – Delynn Royer

Soon, I received an email with links to view portfolio shots of female models. Who would be in my top seven to be Trixie? There was no guarantee I would get my first choice. Or even my second or third. Schedules and availability would be taken into account.

I sent back my list and waited. But not for long. Within a couple weeks, I received several high quality proof images in various poses. It was difficult to choose just two, but I did. Those two will be exclusive for my books.

Holy cow! (As Trixie might say.) Had this process been fun or what? Thanks, Jimmy! 🙂

 Next up… working with a new cover artist and…

cover reveal!

 Having direct input on cover art is one of the aspects of indie publishing I absolutely, hands-down enjoy the most. Indie authors… do you feel the same?

Traditionally published authors … what has your experience been with cover art? Good ? Not so good? (I’ve been both thrilled and horrified.)

 Readers… do you judge a book by its cover?  Will you buy a book with a mediocre cover? What draws your eye to a book’s cover?

 GoodbyeTootsieTitleGOODBYE, TOOTSIE
January, 1925
Homicide detective Sean Costigan and tabloid reporter Trixie Frank are on the road to romance but at cross-purposes at work when they investigate the New Year’s Eve murder of “Poor Little Rich Girl” Abigail Welles after she comes into control of a family fortune.


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