Early Summer Greetings and Classic Movie Junkie

Susan:     You’re angry, aren’t you?Bringing Up Baby
David:     Yes, I am.
Susan:     The love impulse in men frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.
David:     Excuse me… the what impulse?
Susan:     The love impulse.

From Bringing Up Baby, 1938, RKO Radio Pictures

Classic Movie Junkie

Greetings on this first day of June! While I know the official start of summer has to do with that solstice thingy, I’ve declared it summer at my house, where the season changes on the day my toenails are buffed and painted and ready for public display.

WedgeHeelEt … VOILA!  

Well, um, yes. What we are looking at here is actually a foot double, but it’s strikingly close to the real thing except that my nail polish is pink, my ankle is thicker, my arch isn’t as pronounced, my toes aren’t as straight, and I would probably break a bone if I tried to walk in a wedge heel as sleek as this.  But otherwise… don’t my toes look cool? 🙂

Ladies, are your toes ready for summer? Don’t be embarrassed if they aren’t, just get them on the calendar pronto and let your summer begin!

 Writerly Update

Book GoodiesIf you’re a  reader or an indie author, check out BookGoodies, a site for readers and authors to find each other, lots of bargain books, and more. My BookGoodies Author Interview is HERE.

Also, It Had to Be You is on Mystery Reads where I was asked what inspired me to write a new romantic mystery series. I think my answer had something to do with my love for mystery, romance and classic cinema. (What else?)

Which brings us to this week’s Classic Movie Junkie picks!

Sunday June 1

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2:15 pm   Laura (1944)  Film Noir/Mystery. TCM.  A homicide detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he is Gene Tierney in Laurainvestigating.  Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb.

Why?  Romantic film noir gold with a cool twist. Bogart set the cinematic standard for the Cynical Private Eye in films like The Maltese Falcon. Dana Andrews set a similar standard for the Cynical Homicide Cop in Laura. Gene Tierney is the film’s ethereally beautiful namesake, and Clifton Webb turns in an Oscar-nominated performance as her egotistical mentor.

Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

8:00 pm   Bringing Up Baby (1938)  Screwball Comedy Romance. TCM.  A strait-laced zoologist’s endeavors to land a million dollar donation for his museum go haywire when he meets a madcap heiress and her pet leopard.  Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant.

Why?  A flop when it was first released, this film is now considered one of the best screwball comedies ever made. For me, it’s all aces, but it comes in a tad behind my other favorites—My Man Godfrey, Twentieth Century and His Girl Friday.

Hepburn is a treat to watch, not only because she’s so inherently charismatic but because she’s still finding her feet. This is one of her earliest comedies, and her learning curve shows in some scenes. As for Grant, he came to his role as the exasperated, bespectacled Professor Huxley with his tone and timing all ready to roll: “Susan, when a man is wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond, he’s in no position to run.”  All fun. 🙂

Tuesday June 3

 Cropped_Natalie_Wood_19662:00 pm   Sex and the Single Girl (1964) Comedy/Romance. TCM. A sleazy tabloid journalist sets out to expose a famous female sex expert as a virgin. Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall.

Why?  This is strictly for diehard Natalie Wood fans (such as moi). Goofy early-60s kitsch. Natalie Wood lets her hair down as prissy bestselling “sex-pert” Helen Brown, and Tony Curtis is uber-gorgeous as womanizing tabloid journalist Ben Weston.  Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda put in entertaining performances in supporting roles that are well beneath their combined star power.

Trivia Corner

What? No Doggy Oscars?

If the dinosaur bone-swiping, leopard-wrassling pooch George in Bringing Up Baby looks familiar, it’s no wonder. That’s Skippy—also known as Asta from two of The Thin Man movies. Skippy also slam-dunked the meaty canine role of Mr. Smith in the Irene Dunne/Cary Grant comedy The Awful Truth.

Have a great week!

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