Flappers & Jellybeans … It’s 20s Tuesday!

Welcome to Flappers & Jelly Beans!

To get in the mood for the release of my 1920s romantic mystery, It Had to Be You, I’ll be posting on Tuesdays some facts, trivia, and slang from that fabulous frivolous decade.

The Duck’s Quack… 20s-Speak

1920sOne of my favorite things about writing fiction set in the 1920s is the slang.  Pure fun.  Our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ generation had a wicked sense of humor.  And if you thought they were prudes… you got the wrong decade, baby. 🙂

  • Bank’s Closed:  No kissing/petting/making out
  • Barneymugging:  Lovemaking
  • Bearcat:  Hot-blooded girl
  • Cancelled stamp:  Wallflower
  • Cash or check?  Kiss now or later?
  • Fire extinguisher:  Chaperone
  • It:  Sex appeal
  • Mug:  Kiss
  • Sheik:  Hot-looking guy
  • Snuggleup:  A guy fond of petting/petting parties
  • Umbrella:     Young man any girl can borrow for the evening

Till next week… don’t take any wooden nickels!


Photo credit:  Russell Patterson [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons