Gone Fishing…

Montauk Long Island

This pic courtesy of DH, who actually did go fishing this summer. Pic taken off Montauk, Long Island, NY

I wonder if there really ever was a time when you could hang out a GONE FISHING sign and take off for the afternoon.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, only I forgot to hang out my sign. And I haven’t exactly been taking off.  Or fishing. Simply focusing on work, family, summer pursuits, and long overdue writing and edits on the first book in a new romantic mystery series set in 1920s Manhattan and Long Island.  (Due out from Carina Press in 2014, title pending… 😉 )

Anyone remember The Andy Griffith Show? Wouldn’t it be interesting to unplug from the internet and our cell phones for a while and spend time back in Mayberry circa 1965 or so? Now, there was a town where you could hang out your GONE FISHING sign… no questions asked.

So, yes, I’ve been fishing. Figuratively speaking. But, alas, summer is coming to a close and I’m sharpening my pencil again to get caught up on more News & Stuff and Sneak Peek Sundays.

Until then,  tell me what you’ve been up to this summer.  Or, better yet, why not hang out your own GONE FISHING sign one last time over this long weekend and pay a visit back in time to Mayberry? Full episodes of The Andy Griffith Show are playing now over at TV Land.  Enjoy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing…

  1. So glad you’re back! I hope you had a good time on vacation. And is that THE lighthouse in your picture. The one from your new novel coming out soon from Carina Press? 😀


  2. Hi Ava! Thanks for stopping by! Vacation was lovely, and you’re right about the Montauk Point Lighthouse. It sits on the eastern tip of Long Island near one of our favorite vacation spots. So, it’s no mystery why that lighthouse happens to turn up in my new mystery. 🙂


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