Sneak Peek Sunday … The Race is On

Welcome to Sara Walter Ellwood’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

Today’s peek is from SEARCH FOR CAMELOT, a romantic comedy about a wisecracking American college student and a cool-mannered British bluestocking who find love when they join together to search for the fabled sword Excalibur.

Light Historical Romance Philadelphia, London, Glastonbury. June 1892.
On the eve of his college graduation, Arthur Pierce comes into an unusual inheritance, a 16th century parchment that contains a clue to the location of King Arthur’s sword. Is it for real? Or a hoax?

To find out, Arthur joins with his arch nemesis from the classroom, the scholarly Chelsea Delafield. It’s Chelsea who holds the key to deciphering the ancient clue and following its trail, which begins in her home town of London.

In last week’s peek, Chelsea and Arthur confirmed that, not only is the parchment authentic, but King Arthur too is more than the stuff of legend. He was a mysterious fifth century military leader who once walked the earth in a place called Glastonbury.

In today’s peek, as Arthur and Chelsea set their sights on Glastonbury, trouble is brewing elsewhere. They are not alone in their quest.

They have a rival, a resourceful competitor who will stop at nothing to lay his hands on the clue contained in Arthur’s parchment . . .


“Mr. Dark to see you, sir.”

Emory Blake looked up from his desk to see that his valet, Thackery, awaited a reply. Nondescript in appearance and disdainful in expression, Thackery’s butlering skills were exemplary. In any other household, he would have advanced to the station of head manservant long ago. In Blake’s household, however, it took a bit more than traditional butlering to rise to the esteemed rank of Man Friday. “Show him in, Thackery.”

“Yes, sir.” Thackery’s immaculate shoes made no sound as he strode across the floral carpet and vanished through the open double doors. Moments later, Geoffrey Dark was sweeping those doors closed to gain privacy.

“You have it?” Blake closed an account book and pushed it aside. He rubbed his hands together, then began cracking his knuckles, an exercise designed to distract him from the burgeoning swell of anticipation that might overwhelm him at any moment. That swell was both exquisite and painful, almost sexual in its intensity, an approaching climax that, in this case, was almost ten years in building. That was how long Blake had been searching for the sword.

“Not precisely, sir.”

Not precisely? Blake stopped cracking his knuckles. Geoffrey remained still as a lizard. One blink. Two. That was all. Geoffrey’s reptilian stare seemed even deader than usual. Blake suspected Geoffrey was experiencing a certain level of job frustration.

 “I’m afraid there is a problem, sir.”


And so the race is on. Will Arthur and Chelsea make it to Glastonbury before their fellow sword-hunters?

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6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday … The Race is On

  1. Absolutely, Ava! Arthur and Chelsea don’t know yet that they’ve got serious competition, but they’ll find out soon. Then things will get interesting… Thanks for stopping by to take a peek! 🙂


  2. I want more. I love stopping by for a sneak peek, but I also don’t want to see too much because I want to read this book from beginning to end. lol


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