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Welcome to Sara Walter Ellwood’s Sneak Peek Sunday!

I was recently reminded by one of my fellow Sneak Peek authors, the talented Karen Michelle Nutt, that one of the best parts of participating in Sneak Peek Sunday is getting the opportunity to sample excerpts from authors I might not have found otherwise. Whenever I go hopping among this group, I’m always delighted and entertained.

As a result, I’ve added several titles to my summer TBR list, beginning with Karen’s Magic of the Loch, a fun contemporary paranormal romance spun from the intriguing legend of the Loch Ness monster. Be sure to check out Karen’s peeks HERE

In keeping with a magical theme, today’s peek is from SEARCH FOR CAMELOT, a romantic comedy about a wisecracking American college student and a cool-mannered British bluestocking who find love when they join together to search for the fabled sword Excalibur.Light Historical Romance

Philadelphia and London. June 1892.
On the eve of his college graduation, Arthur Pierce comes into an unusual inheritance, a 16th century parchment that contains a clue to the location of King Arthur’s sword. Is it for real? Or a hoax?

To find out, Arthur joins with his arch nemesis from the classroom, the scholarly Chelsea Delafield. It’s Chelsea who holds the key to deciphering the ancient clue and following its trail, which begins in her hometown of London.

In today’s peek, Chelsea and Arthur arrive in London to consult with an expert from Oxford. The parchment is indeed authentic, and Arthur is surprised to learn that King Arthur, too, is more than a legend. He was a mysterious fifth century military leader who may have once walked the earth in a place called Glastonbury.


“What was Glastonbury Abbey famous for?” Arthur asked.

Professor Doyle smiled. “The tomb of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, of course.”

Arthur was surprised. Before becoming involved with this crazy quest, he had always assumed King Arthur and his Round Table were the stuff of fairy tales. Even now, to think that the man had walked upon the earth was hard to fathom. “I never realized—I mean, did they really find King Arthur’s body?”

“So they claimed. The remains, along with a leaden cross identifying the body, were unearthed in the monks’ graveyard in 1191, however many historians believe the find was staged to enhance the prestige of the abbey.”

Arthur was unwilling now to let this go. “But isn’t there some way to determine if the cross they found is authentic sixth century?”

“The tomb itself disappeared after the Dissolution, and, as for the cross, it mysteriously vanished sometime in the last century. As it stands now, we may speculate all we wish, but, without the remains or the cross, we can never know the truth.”

Maybe not, Arthur thought. But what if the remains were real, and what if the monks found more than just a leaden cross buried with the dead king?


After this, Arthur must dash off to Glastonbury if he’s to find more clues that will lead him to Excalibur’s hiding place. Will Chelsea go with him? Stay tuned!

They say Glastonbury is one of those rare places on earth where the spirit meets the physical, magic meets reality. Glastonbury Tor is associated with faerie legends and the Holy Grail. It was reputed in ancient times to be the mystical Isle of Avalon.

So, what do you think? Do magical places really exist? Have you ever visited one?

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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by. When I was researching this book, I got caught up in the Dark Age mystery of the “real” King Arthur. It’s almost as fascinating as the legends that surround Loch Ness. 🙂


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