Sneak Peek Sunday … A Sure Cure

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Light Historical RomanceThis week is another peek from SEARCH FOR CAMELOT, a romantic comedy about a wisecracking American college student and a cool-mannered British bluestocking who find love when they join together to search for the fabled sword Excalibur.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  June 1892.
On the eve of his college graduation, Arthur Pierce comes into an unusual inheritance, a 16th century parchment that contains a clue to the location of King Arthur’s sword. Is it for real? Or a hoax?

To find out, Arthur joins with his arch nemesis from the classroom, the scholarly but secretly adventurous Chelsea Delafield. It’s Chelsea who holds the key to deciphering the ancient clue and following its trail, which begins in her hometown of London. To get there, the two pose as newlyweds on a steamship bound for Southampton.

In today’s peek, Arthur has learned that payback can be cruel. It’s been only two days since he was enjoying a good laugh at Chelsea’s distress when she found him disrobing in their cabin. Since then, not only has Arthur been unable to wipe away the memory of his own accidental glimpse of Chelsea’s fabulous legs, he’s come down with a nasty case of mal de mer that’s flattened him for an entire day. Chelsea has taken pity on him . . .


Arthur heard her emerge from the lavatory behind him. She smelled like a heaven-sent combination of flowers and peppermint. A moment later, she perched on the edge of his berth. “Here.”

Arthur turned over to see that she hadn’t done a thing to tie back her hair. It was still parted in the middle, with wispy soft tendrils hanging loose over each shoulder. She offered him a small glass of fizzing clear liquid and a plate of crackers.“Cold champagne and rye crackers,” she said. “I brought them from the dining saloon. Try some.”

He looked into dark-lashed violet eyes only to find himself thinking about her legs again. “I can’t.”

“You must. You haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.”

He meant to look back down at the plate, but, instead, his gaze followed the fluid line of sable tendrils to stop dead on her chest. The breasts she hid there might be small by some men’s preferences, but Arthur was suddenly certain they must be perfect. Delightful and delectable. Just like her legs. Hidden treasures that no one would ever suspect. “No, I shouldn’t,” he said, not altogether sure he spoke only of the crackers and champagne.

“Arthur, just try them. I promise they’ll be better than you think.”


So… will Arthur try those crackers or will he be able to let them alone? 😉

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