Resolutions… Schmezzolutions

January 1, 2013

Dear Diary:

  1. Get ass back to fitness club.
  2. Get ass back to yoga class.
  3. Write, write, write.
  4. Stop fooling around on the internet.

January 9, 2013

So, here I am, fooling around on the internet and coming to you fresh off my first week back at the fitness club, where I haven’t graced their presence in … oh, I don’t know… mmmmmmm…

But it was grrrrrreat to be back!


It only hurts when I move.

So, before I return to slathering myself with more Icy Hot®, here’s a last glance back at 2012 and another glance ahead.

  • In the pinch-me department, Broken Vows continued to appear on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Western Romance list in December.
  • Always is now available on Kobo and iTunes.
  • And looking ahead to February, I’m excited to be joining contemporary romance author Sara Walter Ellwood’s blog hop, “Romancing the West.”Why do so many of us love writing and reading Western romance? Find out what some of your favorite Western romance authors and bloggers have to say about that and take a chance on winning some prizes, too!February 22 – 25 at Cowboy Charm … Blog Hops for the Cowboy Lover.

Until then, happy trails!  (Oh, and pass me the Icy Hot®…)